Embody philosophy. Manifest your truth.

Namaste and welcome! My name is Florence. I am a fully qualified Yoga Teacher and founder of Flossophy Yoga and Fashion. 

We currently have one yoga class up and running on Zoom every Saturday at 10.30 am. Email yoga@flossophyfashion.co.uk or click here for more info.


The information-heavy world we live in today can be an overwhelming place. Amongst so much digital connection, we can become disconnected from each other, but most of all we become disconnected from ourselves. 

Flossophy is a philosophy of embodying knowledge and living our highest truth. 

Through self-inquiry: practices such as yoga, meditation and dance, we can reconnect with ourselves in deeper and more integrated ways. Living in the world coming from this place of connection can allow us to lead more balanced and fulfilling lives. 


And don't forget to check out our sustainable Shakti fashion brand, Flossophy Fashion, on Etsy!

Sha Bhavya, India

Had my first yoga experience with Flossie. Would highly recommend to practice with her!
Flossie has a calming and welcoming style. I really like the pace and focus of the classes. 

Alex, UK

I love my new silk wrap top from Flossophy. The quality is amazing and I love the sustainable ethos.

Anna, UK

She works hard with her tailor to design unique, high quality clothing. Treat yourself. you wont be disappointed. 


Sinead , Australia


"The sun and the moon, the individual soul and the supreme soul and in the same way, the union of all dualities, is called Yoga." Yogabīja, 87a-90b.

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