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Flossophy Fashion provides luxury, unique, one-of-a-kind garments sustainably sourced and hand made from upcycled silk satin saris and Rajasthani skirts of the highest quality. We work closely with a small, independent, family-run tailor in Rajasthan, India, who helps bring our beautiful designs to life through an ethical and transparent production line. Subscribe to learn more about how our clothes are made in our upcoming blog post.


Flossophy Fashion was inspired by the Eastern and Goddess philosophies encountered upon during a yoga trip to India. India is hugely diverse, but it is through the material culture that we witness its magic: an ineffable sense of being which cannot be expressed through words. Flossophy was born from this magic: Ethical fashion committed to transmitting these Shakti energies through the experience of being and wearing our beautiful clothes. We promise, whatever age, you won't be able to resist feeling fabulous and free in Flossophy Fashion.






Flossophy Fashion is the material manifestation of a deeper philosophy. We believe knowledge is not just intellectual - its embodied. We are all about expression, movement and meditaion, as well as learning and contemplation. Check out are embodiment offers and philosophical blog here!


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"The sun and the moon, the individual soul and the supreme soul and in the same way, the union of all dualities, is called Yoga." Yogabīja, 87a-90b.

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